Monday, June 04, 2012

A Quick Trip To Heaven

Lesson Time in the Cockpit

It is most wonderful to have friends, but even better to have friends that accept you totally as you are and enjoy each others company.  We are blessed that we spent time with 2 of them this last weekend.

First, we were saved a very long drive to Lake Almanor for a weekend visit.  It is not every day you have a friend that will take time from his busy life to fly down and pick you up to cut a 9 hour trip to 2.5 hours.  And that is his time to relax and enjoy life!

Loving it!

And I was a tad bit anxious to fly, because I am known to get motion sick from...boating...flying...uff, but I made it without even a hint of it!  Thanks to a great pilot and co-pilot.

The Sierras and Thunderheads


Flight Approach Shadow Play

 A short drive from the Chester airport to our weekend getaway.  A small community of campers in a tucked away area.

Dinner Table View

 Our pleasure indeed and reconnecting with lifetime friends around an incredible location.  It continued to take my breath away just standing on the deck.

Lake Side...big sigh
 And of course, cocktail hour...."another one in the can"

Best Buds
 Kitchen prep area...I could get used to this!

Hostess with a BIG heart!

Calling it a Good Day!

Moon Rise

 End of the day and the beginning of a perfect weekend...more fun to follow.

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jhon mithous said...

nice collection of snaps.....
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