Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Waking Up to a Touch of Heaven on Earth

a continuation of a weekend at Lake Almanor

Sleeping in, for us is anything past 5am, awakening to the sun already above the horizon and it is barely past 6am.  I thought of getting up early to shoot, but the lull of sleeping in won out.

Early Morning Catch

After a cup of coffee (and a hunt for sugar), we took off for breakfast in Chester while our hosts slept in.

Sunrise Tree Topper
Terry remembered a restaurant from years ago that served homemade corned beef hash and eggs, well, not any more.  No recommendations for that one.  Check off list.

Back at the campground, we had boat reservations.  So we packed up a picnic lunch, (which could have served a small party or stay on the lake for a day or two, needless to say we ate very well) and left the marina for a tour around the lake.

Hat Fishing!

Host & Hostess, David & Kathy

My First Bald Eagle Sighting

Cypress Gardens

Ship Mate and the Captain

Feathered Contrails

Log Break
A web description:

  [Lake Almanor is a large artificial lake in northwestern Plumas County, northeastern California. The reservoir has a capacity of 1,308,000 acre feet (1.613×109 m3) and a maximum depth of about 90 feet. It is formed by Canyon Dam on the North Fork of the Feather River, as well as Benner and Last Chance Creeks, Hamilton Branch, and various natural springs.


The dam is 130 feet tall and composed of hydraulic fill.
The present dam was constructed by Great Western Power, from 1926 to 1927, damming the North Fork of the Feather River and flooding the meadow-filled valley generally known as Big Springs/Big Meadows. In the process, parts of the town of Prattville had to be moved to higher ground, while some structures were flooded over. The reservoir was named for the three daughters of Guy C. Earl, Vice President of Great Western Power: Alice, Martha and Eleanor.
The dam is now owned by Pacific Gas and Electric Company. PG&E uses it for hydroelectricity production, but the lake is also a popular recreation area, with fishing, boating, water skiing, swimming and camping available.]

Pine Pollen!!
 As we drove around the lake, we would see the wind kick up the pine pollen.  We had never seen anything like this.  You could see it floating on the top of the water as well.  Good thing its the oaks that do Terry in.

After a picnic while floating in a cove, and a bit of Limoncello to wash it down, except the Captain who was DD....we headed back for a good afternoon nap.
More on the afternoon later

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