Friday, November 22, 2013

Day 22 TDOT

22 Days into November and Thirty Days of Thanksgiving

Morning Star
First, where has the month gone?  Next week is Thanksgiving and already thoughts of Christmas have infiltrated the season.  There are more people putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving that it seems to be getting lost in the fray.  I find myself thinking how/when am I going to decorate, shop....blah blah blah

The sad part is I used to relish this time of year to catch a breath before Christmas and its chaos, oh my, now I sound like the grinch.

But as I approach the yearend, it is a mixture of joy, fun, family but mixed with a yearend of requirements for yearend have to's in the business world.  And this year, it is complicated.

So, it is more important to me than ever to catch the here and now of what I am thankful for.  Because the unknown future and the anticipation of what could be is more than I can/want to look at.

So, this is without a doubt the longest verbiage I have used since the beginning of the month, my apologies for the rambling.  Thanks for hanging with me, if you even got this far.

I AM thankful for...
holding hands
date nights
a clean house
time on the weekends to catch up or explore
family, even the ones that come with drama
fall and the clear cool air filled with dramatic color
a husband who loves me even though...
my children, a great gift

I'm done....see you tomorrow

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