Monday, March 22, 2010

Zoom Blur....

Good morning world.  The weekend was a busy productive one.  First I was able to take a workshop, part 2, of Photo Shop CS4.  I took the first part months ago, and as with any new skill, if not practiced, disposable.  Some skills came back, reinforced others and learned some new.

Then we have some friends in town to share some time and laughs with, always good.  Though I am not used to the late hours, then up for work and way too much food, great food, but way too much.

The pictures though, I am posting are continued tries from a DPA workshop in SF.  Zoom blur, for as "out of focus" that they are, it actually takes a skill to keep the center focused and the edges blurred.  I played around a bit the other day, while I was fitting in the things "needing" to be done, which is a whole other discussion.

Contemplating Angel

Hopefully, I will post a few pictures of a sunset walk we took at the beach.  The more I attempt to learn, the more I realize that this world of digital photography is immense and open to so much personal interpretation.  Which I love, because it combines my love for both art and photography.  So, I have decided that this I do for me, because I love to do it, and not for any other reason....which I need to remember.  I will continue to play, and learn and most of all, enjoy.  Hope you do to.

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Joni said...

Really interesting photos! Thanks for posting and sharing.