Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Ideas & Family

My sis

My Sweetie

I have pretty much spent the day in my "studio"!  and loving every minute of it, well almost every minute.
I decided today was the day to connect my battery backup...knowing it would take at least an hour.....ok, so 2+ hours.  But a good opportunity to reacquaint myself with everything, and I mean everything, that is plugged in, connected to my computer.  Shheez Louise!!  So cleaned, vacuumed, re-routed wires, and after a call to my daughter & son-in-law for help, they weren't available, APC, who is only available M-F and then my Mac Tech, again unavailable!!  So, once, twice, three times over the instruction sheet, I knew I could do it ?!
Done!!! And it all works!!!
Thank you God!!

Then I decided to attempt to download some Light Room Lightroomkillertips  presets that I learned about from the Art Center Photo Society   San Luis Obispo Art Center   meeting that I finally got my ....self....up and out the door the attend.

So, then I played..... :)

My "studio" is still a mess, but I am "as happy as a clam in high water"

Shell Creek Rd  March 13 2010C
 My sis & her hubby came for a visit, Yeah!!  So good to have them here.  We wanted to show them the area and made a large loop around the county.  From SLO town to Shell Creek Rd. Shandon to Paso Robles down hwy 46 to Morro Bay for lunch and home.

I wanted to see how many flowers are starting to bloom, with all the rain we have had it promises to an explosion of color, but it was only in the 40's over the grade mid morning, still too cold, but the weather will be in the 70's this week and then it will really change.

Shell Creek Rd.

A few Poppies

Only a small section of Poppies on the hillside

My sis Connie and John, thanks for coming!  I miss you!

Shandon Chapel

Shandon Chapel, Shandon Ca

Bathroom Window
Shell Creek Wildflowers

View from the Chapel, old farmstead

Shandon Chapel, want to to a walk? 

 A perfect day, with shredded beef waiting in the crockpot for tacos.......

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anglouise said...

fantastic! absolutely beautiful! I don't know what did the trick but I think you just took your photos to the next level! :)